Spooky Halloween Survey

Over 100 UW–Stout students were surveyed to see what their plans and thoughts were for this year’s Halloween holiday.

Here are the results…thumbnail_graph-1

What is your costume this year?

Need an idea? Well, below should spark some inspiration!

  • Spice Girls with my roomies! We’re each a different spice, like cinnamon, curry, and paprika… punny, right? 😉
  • I wanted it to be the Other Mother from Coraline
  • Broke College Student
  • Same as last year: ghost
  • Ambiguous Green Gentleman
  • I’ll go as myself… Pretty scary, right?
  • Penguin

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Below are the top four Halloween treats selected and the number of students who chose this chocolate treat! If I may say so myself, Reese’s is delicious.

  • Reese’s-21
  • Twix-12
  • Kit Kat-9
  • Milkyway-6

What is your favorite scary movie?

  • Hocus Pocus-12
  • The Conjuring-6
  • The Ring-3
  • Scream-3

However, 17 students answered that they were not a fan of scary movies. I get it, I will never watch The Exorcist again…



Four brave students answered that they would rather be chased by a clown. They deserve a pat on the back.thumbnail_graph-4

For those who don’t know what the black-flamed candle is, I would suggest watching Hocus Pocus.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, Stouties!



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