RAs Are People Too

Ryan BallweberAs an resident advisor (RA) here at the UW-Stout, I can tell you that there are a lot of myths flying around about RAs that are hilariously untrue. Fellow RAs and I got together to dispel some of these myths and give you a glimpse of what being an RA is all about.



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Resident Advisors just want to get you in trouble.

Taleah Meah:

“This is not true. Obviously as an RA, we want to make the community as safe as possible. This could include getting people into trouble. However, this is not our goal.”

Emily Bergum:

“This is definitely not true. I am just a normal college student just wanting to live my life too. But there are rules in place for a reason and I am here to make sure they are being followed.”

RAs have no lives.


Monica Ahlert:

“Do you want to see my planner?”

Emily Bergum:

“Right now for me that is true. Generally speaking, we are normal college students. We just live in the building as our job. It is not different than any other job.”

It’s impossible to be an RA and be involved in orgs on campus.

Monica Ahlert:

“(LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) I am involved in family and consumer science education club. I hold a committee chair and executive board position in Gamma Sigma Sigma the national service sorority on campus. I am also in an intramural sport. On top of all this I am also on the Dean’s list and love to hang out with my friends. It is not impossible.”

Pat Lytle:

“I have four jobs. I work for the Stout Student Association, the Event Technology Crew, the Admissions office, and Housing. It is not impossible.”

It is impossible to balance classes and work with the RA position.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 1.33.18 PM.png

Spencer Boerboom:

“I’m currently taking 16 credits and I have another job on top of the RA position. It is completely possible to do these things if you prioritize your time and focus on time management.”

Taleah Meah:

“With anything, it is just a matter of balancing your time and organizing yourself. It is doable but can become difficult at times.”

We are stuck in the building and can’t hang with our friends.


Taleah Meah:

“If you are on duty, then yes you have to be in the building. If you are not on duty you can go out and see your friends. You are not just cooped up in the building all the time.”

Pat Lytle:

“I feel like there is a good balance of being in the building and being with my friends. I do not feel like I am limited from my friends with my RA position.”



Emily Bergum:


Monica Ahlert:

“I AM THE FUN! There is no fun unless I am present, you can ask my residents.”

We aren’t human.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 1.36.52 PM.png

Spencer Boerboom:

“I care about all my residents and spend time with them. I care too much to not be human.”

Emily Bergum:

“I am as human as anyone else. I am definitely not perfect but I do my best.  I am here for you.”

Taleah Meah:

“We are human. We get stressed just like everyone else. RAs tend to be the some of the most involved people on campus. With this comes a lot of emotions just like our residents. So we could have off days and on days, we even can make mistakes.”

Monica Ahlert:

“We are human. We are exactly like you. As much as we want to think, we are not superheroes. I have my breakdowns; I have my issues. Even though you can come to us for help, remember that we need help from you as well.”

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