Ally Initiatives becomes SPEAK UP

shannon-blog-tagFormally known as Ally Initiatives, SPEAK UP, or the Social Justice Programming for Engagement, Action, Knowledge and Understanding People, has changed their department name to better represent the team’s purpose and to highlight the new team and positions taking charge.

In addition, another motivation to changing what was once Ally Initiatives, was to differentiate SPEAK UP from the student organization, Ally Club. Ally Club is a student organization that represents students with a passion for social justice and creating a safe environment for all students on campus.


Megan Groose, the inclusion and peer outreach coordinator for the Involvement Center, oversees the SPEAK UP team. Groose has been the coordinator since September of 2016 and has continued to implement programs and advise the participating students: “I love that the SPEAK UP team is a phenomenal group of dedicated students who are creative, intentional, and passionate about creating and implementing programs related to social justice, and diversity.”

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Though under a different name, the SPEAK UP team continues to develop collaborations with other organizations and departments around campus.

“We hope that more student organizations reach out to us to co-sponsor programs, or to consider co-hosting one of our Social Justice Coffee Hour programs, which began this spring and will continue into the fall of this year,” added Groose.

One of the upcoming co-sponsored events, hosted by the University Library and SPEAK UP, is happening on the first floor of the library on Tuesday, March 28 from 2-4 p.m. The event is titled, “Talk to Strangers: Speed Friending Event.” The event allows students to engage in short conversations with people they don’t know, in order to learn more about the experiences and perspectives of strangers.

SPEAKUP on Facebook:

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