Student Tips: How to wake up early

  1. “Go to bed early.”


Jarod Burgardt, sophomore, suggested students go to bed early. Have you have heard of the rhyme “Eight to ten hours a night is just about right?” How many hours do you sleep?

  1. Set TWO alarms.


“I set one before and then set one for the actual time [I wake up],” said Erzsi Saly, sophomore studying plastics engineering. If you are the one to constantly hit snooze, well, maybe this isn’t the strategy for you.

  1. “Drinking coffee…all the time.”


Meredith Woods, freshman studying psychology, drinks three cups a day. Just be careful about too much caffeine intake.

  1. Let there be light!

Freshman Lavelle Franklin, studying business, brings in the bright light as his wake-up call. Pull those dorm shades open and get ready for the day.

  1. Put your phone across the room.

Sophomore Frannie Hillstrom, studying business, forces herself out of bed to shut off the alarm. This way she doesn’t have to fall victim to the deviously satisfying “snooze” button.


-Shannon H.


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