Our Abandoned Skyway

Ever wonder why we have a massive skyway that’s not used at all?

You know, the one on 10th Ave?  The university’s skyway hasn’t been opened since 2013. So what’s the deal?

It started back in 1983 when the skyway was built. What is now known as McCalmont today was just a  building where patients from vocational rehabilitation would stay. The purpose was to be a way that they could go to and from each building. So why don’t we use it today?

McCalmont is now housing for students and Vocational Rehab is on the opposite side of the skyway. For security purposes, they needed to close the skyway on each end. It now is one of the most restricted areas to go into on campus. So, of course, I had to find a way inside.

I figured out that the skyway is actually a place for storage. So, I contacted housing to see if I could get in. They pointed me to the direction of Vocational Rehab. Rehab also was not in charge of the space. They told me to talk to the assistant director of the plant, and next thing you know, I scheduled a meeting with him.

As you can see, it’s not for anything except storage. Which made me wonder, “What’s next for the skyway?”

I really want to see it become a study area with tables. The assistant director himself has different ideas. He also said that there’s an idea* of Vocational Rehabilitation Building becoming an engineering building in the next 10+ years. So, we might not see it open as students, but graduates.

 So, if the skyway could be opened now, what would you want it to be used for?

*This is not a plan that has been approved or formally proposed. It’s just an idea to be explored in the future.



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