Student Thoughts: Dorm Bathrooms

Janitorial staff cleaning residence halls follow a schedule when it comes to cleaning each floor’s bathroom. The staff clean the bathrooms Monday through Friday, but leave Saturday and Sunday untouched until the next week. Students worry that the janitorial staff for housing has been cut due to funding issues. However, that is not the case.

Justin Fults, custodial service supervisor, reassures students that “Our current staffing shortage came from a number of employees leaving their positions. We are currently working to fill (5) vacancies. We also have a staff member who is out on Family Medical Leave, so we are trying to make due without 32% of our staff. Some of the challenges we face in hiring are related to low wages, deteriorating benefits, and a long hiring process.”


Here are a few student thoughts on their dorm hall bathrooms:

Student Emily Doroff, junior studying business administration, said: “It is only a problem when students don’t take care of it. It was never horrible on the floors I was on. We took care of the bathrooms. And I live in Red Cedar now, so I clean my own bathroom. I also don’t think there is money in the school budget to pay for more janitors. I know they are short staffed.”

“Oh it’s nasty,” said Bryce Parr, junior studying professional communications and emerging media. “I remember how bad it was. Usually people avoid dorm bathrooms on Sunday.”

“Personally I’m pretty in the middle. There are definitely weeks where the bathrooms get really disgusting over the weekend, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” said Cece Jabs, freshman studying professional communications and emerging media. “Sometimes the janitor is also busy on Monday and the bathroom doesn’t get cleaned for three days. But, on the other hand, I feel like the custodians deserve a break because they work so hard and are so understaffed on this campus.”

“I prefer to have my Saturday late mornings/afternoons be clear of janitors if I am going to take a shower. Early morning weekdays are different,” said Nicholas Zamora, senior.

“I think it might help immature college kids who make bad decisions have to deal with the consequences of their actions on the one side, and on the other side, I think there may be sanitation issues. So it’s a horse-a-piece,” said Brian Matulewicz, senior studying health, wellness and fitness.

The University Housing team is working to hire these open positions. If you live or lived in the residence halls, leave your thoughts in the comments!






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