End-of-Semester Events

Welcome back from break everyone! Hopefully it was stress free and fun because now we’re in the fun part of the semester where all those projects you’ve procrastinated are suddenly due in two weeks. Yay! But, if you feel like pushing off that crushing anxiety and pretending likes it’s not there only to have it come back and hit you harder later because you hate yourself, here’s some events that are happening in the last few weeks of the semester.

Blue Devil Productions’ Thursday Shows

Nothing helps you forget about your massive research paper that you’ve yet to start like jamming to some tunes. Head to the Memorial Student Center Terrace on Thursdays to listen to the great performances put on by BDP. Shows typically start at 8 p.m.


Stout Adventures Free Climb Fridays 

            If you’re waiting to burn of that stress like excess calories, check out Stout Adventures Free Climb Fridays. Anyone is welcome to go, and it is completely free; just show up ready to climb. Stout Adventures provides the gear, so wear some good climbing clothes and be ready to say “Screw you, gravity! You can’t hold me down!”

Disclaimer: you don’t have to say that.

Stout Adventures Crate Stacking Competition, Tuesday December 5th

If climbing walls isn’t your thing, then try climbing milk crates. On Tuesday December 5, Stout Adventures is putting on a crate stacking competition and there’s prizes! It’s free to enter, and there’s a possibility of getting free stuff.


Be sure to check out the Take 2 Weekly Update on Fridays to find out more events that are happening on campus.



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