Decorating in the Dorms

Thanksgiving is over, the turkey’s been carved, and classes have resumed. And now, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Stout. We may not have had snow that’s stuck yet but that’s not stopping people from beginning to deck out their rooms and getting ready for the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday, everyone is starting to feel the holiday spirit. I went around to a few dorms to see how people were decorating and making their dorm feel more like home for the holiday.

Lights, lights everywhere. Dorms are beginning to sparkle with little twinkling lights as people hang strings of lights from their bunks, from their ceilings, tack them to the walls, or even around the edges of furniture.


Knick knacks are popping up all over the place as people start putting together their perfect holiday displays. Santa hats are hanging on the wall and Tupperware full of gingerbread cookies sit on students desks just waiting to help with some late night studying. One student on my floor is making lights in a bottle for students to put in their rooms, they make amazing alternative lamps and help you get in the holiday mood.


My favorite thing I saw during my holiday dorm investigation was a tiny little Christmas tree with miniature ornaments sitting in a student’s window sill. I know that I, among many others, have lots of good memories setting up the tree with my family during the holidays, and being able to have a little one to keep at school seems like an awesome idea.


Even Stout itself is getting in on the decorating. Already a large tree has appeared in the MSC and bells, ribbons, and wreaths have begun to adorn the commons. I’m sure that over the next few weeks the holiday fervor will continue to grow and I am excited to see what amazing holiday decorations and activities staff and students come up with.

If you have an awesome holiday decoration or want to share your decked out dorm with us feel free to email pictures to me at


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