Beginner’s Guide to… Living in the Dorms

Dorm life is a big part of the transition to college. It can be very intimidating to people, I know it was for me. But honestly, once you get into it and settle down, you’ll realize it’s no big deal. Now that I’m in my second semester here at Stout, I feel right at home, and while I may not be an expert, I’d like to share with you a few points that helped me enjoy dorm life my first semester.

  1. Decorate!

    Make your room your own, after all you’re going to be living there for the next few months. Spruce the place up, find some posters you really like, hang up some photos of you and your friends, get some blankets or furniture you like. Make sure you feel comfortable in your room and that it is truly yours.

  2. Leave your door open when you’re around.

    I’ve found that when I leave my door open, people inevitably come and say hi. It’s a good way to meet the people on your floor and maybe some new friends along the way!

  3. Get academic help from your ARC

    Having trouble with a class and don’t know what to do or who to go to? Well, you’re dorm has that covered! Each dorm has at least one academic resource coordinator, or ARC for short. If you ever need a bit of tutoring or need to get in contact with other tutoring or academic resources, they are the ones to talk to. And you don’t even have to leave the building!

  4. Talk to your roommate.

    I’m not saying you have to get along, and I’m not saying you won’t. It’s just that either way you should talk to your roommate early about what your expectations are for living together. I’ve seen some roommates get along super well and others not so much. But those that talked and knew each others expectations definitely got along better and have a better time.

  5. Check out what the hall front desk has to rent

    Sure, they’ve got the basics: vacuums, cleaning supplies, screw drivers. But they also have a ton of other cool things available. Such as different kinds of sports equipment, basketballs, dvd players and HDMI cables, and even a huge selection of movies to play on said dvd player.


Derek Johnson


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