About Take2

Meet the team that brings you Take2, a weekly news, event video series, and student news blog.

Our mission is to capture and share the fun, amazing, and intriguing experiences we and our peers have here at UW-Stout. We do this through our weekly events video series, Take2 the Streets interview video segments; plus, written and video event coverage found in this very blog.

Take2 was funded by the Chancellor’s student job program.

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Get to know the team:

Eric Krause


What’s up everybody?! I am Eric Krause a blog writer and video producer for Take 2 at UW Stout. I’ve been a part of the Take 2 team for three years now and still going strong. Alongside Take2, I work for the Stoutonia as the news editor and I work for the Center of Innovation and Development department (CID) as a video producer. I am a Professional Communications and Emerging Media major with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I am also getting a minor in the performing arts. You can find me running around campus (literally) with running club almost every day!

Derek Johnson


Who is Derek Johnson? Well I’m glad you asked! I am a freshman studying an Applied Math and Computer Science major. I hail from the suburbs of Chicago and I love taking the train into the city to catch a show or a concert. Theater and musicals are a huge passion of mine and I even have a binder on my bookshelf with all of the playbills from shows I have seen. Not only do I enjoy going to and seeing shows but I enjoy being in them. Throughout high school I was in a variety of plays and musicals as well as the school’s forensics team. You can actually catch me in Stout’s fall play The Normal Heart. Sitting next to my playbill binder on my bookshelf is my collection of Dungeons and Dragons rule books and gaming materials. Dungeons and Dragons is my favorite hobby and I play with a group of friends every weekend. Together we create stories and adventures all while joking around and just having a grand old time. Altogether I just like enjoying life and living every day to the fullest. And of course, bringing you the most up to date Stout news!

Devin Leary


My name’s Leary, Devin Leary. I rush to every class as I learn to succeed in my cinematography major. I began my journey of life from a hidden town called Tomah. A town that is hard to find yourself, as the resources are just not there. But when I was in 6th grade, I got the coolest gadget ever. A camcorder, and ever since then, I wake up just to make movies. I watch movies just as much as I make them, and if you’re going to the theaters, just say hi to me because I’ll probably be in the front row. With the creation of stories within the press of multiple buttons, you can have people see you as how ever you want. I love to inspire others by trying to do the most with life. So, if you see me on the streets, say Hi. I’ll say Hi back!

Shannon Hoyt

 Shannon_HoytHello, all! My name is Shannon Hoyt, and I am a senior studying professional communications and emerging media with a concentration in applied journalism. I am probably one of the busiest students you will ever meet. But to your and my surprise, I absolutely thrive off of work. As editor-in-chief of Stoutonia, a blogger and broadcaster for Take2, the communications specialist for University Communications, and the president of Running and Jogging club, my life is in full swing. Oh yeah, and I am a full-time student.

A few things about myself:

  • I have a twin sister on campus. (So, if you see anyone that looks like me, but doesn’t answer to “Shannon,” that would be Randi.)
  • Running has always been a passion of mine. Ever since the seventh grade, actually. I have run two half-marathons, and am currently starting to train for yet another.
  • My dream job is to host my own talk show (like Ellen, but I have to work on the comedy aspect of myself first).
  • I am a theater advocate. I have not done any shows for UW-Stout, however, in the last few years I have acted and assistant directed shows for the Menomonie Theater Guild, and even a sabbatical show by Kevin Drzakowski.
  • I LOVE chocolate, especially Marion’s Legacy peanut butter brownies.

Social Media:
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