Shannon Hoyt

A19A4828.JPGHello everyone! I am currently a sophomore in the professional communications and emerging media program, with a focus in applied journalism. I didn’t realize my passion for writing until I attended UW-Stout. Although journalism is such a broad field, I plan to pursue a career in either radio/broadcast, or travel journalism after graduation.

My dream job involves a stage. I would love to host my own talk show! A few of my inspirations are Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon, a blend of comedy, motivation and inspiration.

I’d liked to label myself as a “can’t say no” kind of gal. To backup this statement, I am currently the president of Running and Jogging Club, an entertainment writer for the UW-Stout student-run newspaper, the Stoutonia, a member of the Take2 News Team, a writer for my hometown newspaper, the Baldwin Bulletin *DEEP BREATH* and finally a full-time student.

Fun fact about me, I have a twin sister. She rooms with me here at the university. So, if you see someone who looks like me, don’t freak out. It’s just Randi.

Validating Story: I wrote a feature story on my mother a couple of weeks ago. The article focused on her journey to a healthier lifestyle. The next day after the piece was published in the Baldwin Bulletin, a woman came up to my mother at the gym. She told my mother that after reading my story, she became inspired to change as well. I love seeing my words come to life.

Spirit Animal: Wolf

wolf spirit