The professor going…

The professor going…

On May 16, a group of 15 UW-Stout students and professors, including myself, left the airport in Eau Claire and began our journey to Asia’s World City, Hong Kong, and later to what’s known as the Heart of Asia, Taiwan. The study abroad program, Travel Media Writing, was hosted by two university professors, Jerry Hui [...]


Two Hat Games; Developers on a Mission

I visited the game design and development project team known as Two Hat Games while they presented their semester project to their classmates and faculty. The team showed off their noir mystery game, "Building 37" while their instructors gave them feedback. This is a very valuable part in the game design process, as it allows the team to [...]

Kevin Breel: Comedian, Mental Health Advocate

Kevin Breel, a comedian, writer and mental health advocate, was on campus Tuesday night to speak about mental health. The Counseling Center held the free event in the Memorial Student Center Great Hall. Kevin spoke about his experiences with depression and how he handled his situation. His story is truly moving and gives hope to [...]