Student Thoughts: Dorm Bathrooms

Janitorial staff cleaning residence halls follow a schedule when it comes to cleaning each floor's bathroom. The staff clean the bathrooms Monday through Friday, but leave Saturday and Sunday untouched until the next week. Students worry that the janitorial staff for housing has been cut due to funding issues. However, that is not the case. [...]


How to Not Activate the Fire Alarm: Looking at You Fleming-Hovlid

School has been in session since September 6th  and at time of writing this post, it is September 29th. In the time between the 6th and 29th, there have been four fire alarms. There was also a fire alarm that occurred the week before move-in day. That makes a total of five fire alarms that [...]

3rd Annual Qubies Gayla

On Thursday, I attended the 3rd annual Qubies Gayla with my beautiful friend, Gabi. The Gayla is a banquet, dance, and award show devoted to honoring members and advocates of the LGBTQIA+ community. The event is put on by the LGBTQIA+ resource center known as the Qube and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA). The night [...]