Take2 Student Update – March 24-31



Take2 at Blue Rah!

Blue Rah! was a blast! We filmed a special Take2 News Update just for the event and listed off a bunch of exciting things coming up later in the semester. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwACXYzMp9o And here's a photo album shot by our team's lead photographer, Eric:

Take2 at UW-Stout – March 4-10

https://youtu.be/2Lm30XUeQIY Shout-out: Paige Spude, Cat Wrangler Story courtesy of UW-Stout News Bureau Typically, students have summer jobs. Some work at fast food joints, some mow lawns or some, as in the case of University of Wisconsin-Stout undergraduate Paige Spude, volunteer at a sanctuary for big cats. Really big cats, as in lions and tigers. Spude, [...]