Student Job Program

Quick Facts

  • UW-Stout launched the strategic planning initiative program in 2011
  • Objective: to increase the number of opportunities for first year students to work on campus
  • Take2 is one of the programs funded through the initiative


  • Previous research at UW-Stout which showed that freshmen who work on campus have retention rates that exceed the university average by 9-10 percentage points.
  • Also, student employment was identified as a leading indicator that is effective in closing the achievement gap for racial and ethnic minorities.

Looking Ahead: 5 Year Plan


  • Engage all freshmen in an on-campus experience.
    • A committee has been charged with developing a proposal for this and it is anticipated that they will include on-campus jobs as one of the on-campus experiences.
  • Grow program so 50% of UW-Stout freshmen can be employed in an on-campus position by 2019.

Each on-campus position should include:

  • Student’s connectedness to campus
  • Team approach
  • Mentorship with peers and advisors
  • Learning transferrable skills
  • A meaningful work experience
  • Application of coursework to position
  • Monetary compensation