Jazz in the Great Hall

It’s here once again, the University of Wisconsin Stout’s Blue Devil Jazz orchestra is performing in the Great Hall of the MSC. The show is on Saturday at 7:00 pm and is five dollars at the door, or you can purchase tickets here: http://tickets.uwstout.edu/ The orchestra performs once a semester and has a wide variety [...]


RPG Club Spotlight

Roll for initiative! Draw a card! Move your pieces! If you are looking for a place to play board games, card games, or roleplaying games, then the RPG Club is the place to be. The RPG Club runs open game days every other weekend in the MSC Cedar/Maple room. They are from 11am to 11pm [...]

How to Not Activate the Fire Alarm: Looking at You Fleming-Hovlid

School has been in session since September 6th  and at time of writing this post, it is September 29th. In the time between the 6th and 29th, there have been four fire alarms. There was also a fire alarm that occurred the week before move-in day. That makes a total of five fire alarms that [...]